A Day of Love at Eurovision

A team of talented pan-European singers and musicians, the Earth Singers, have got together to record "A Day for Love" for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Arguably one of the most profound and enlightened songs to ever grace the competition, it carries a strong message of hope for humanity in an increasingly uncertain and violent world.

The song has been entered into the Swiss national contest through the Swiss broadcaster SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen), and is open to a public internet vote from anywhere in the world. The Earth Singers are encouraging everybody to get behind their bid at: http://esc.srf.ch/en-ch/earth-singers-0

(Deadline for voting is November 17th).

The track has been composed by accomplished Irish musician Colin Turner and features vocalists Fiachra Shanks (Ireland), Anna Folkesson (Sweden), Nancy Owens (US), Pina Kollars (Austria) and Viktor Krstevski (Macedonia).

“It's been an amazing project to be part of,” Colin commented “and I'm enjoying every minute of working with such amazingly talented people and we're especially excited about the message of this song. We are presenting a much-needed vision of hope for the future of humanity in an increasingly uncertain world through the simple power of song.

“It doesn't take a genius to see that our species is on a collision course with itself and with nature and there's not a whole lot of hope out there in the mainstream to make people feel positive about their future or their childrens’ future.

“A Day Of Love foretells of a future day when we are all truly free of the chains and limits that we have imposed on ourselves. The restrictions of economics and borders greatly inhibit our potential as a species to achieve the kind of loving, sharing and technologically advanced world that we could all create just by thinking a bit differently.

“Our song is essentially an ode to love and the overwhelming power of love to overcome fear. We are all in this together, so let's work together to make all our lives - and this world – amazing,” added Colin.

A professional musician and songwriter for over 20 years, Colin, who writes and records under the name Remuziq, is well known among the songwriting fraternity in Dublin for his Songworks recording studio, where he co-composed and produced some 1000 tracks for songwriters from all over the world during the 90s.

The Earth Singers also feature Pina Kollars from Austria, already an established artist in her own right and signed to Peter Gabriel's Real World Records.

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